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Hitt Carpet & Tile Care was founded in 2013 by Jimmy & Jennifer Hitt. We’ve been cleaning carpets & tile in Nashville since 2000 and have always strived for perfection in every aspect of this industry. We started out learning the ropes in the apartment industry doing vacant units, where every stain must be removed and every tear/hole must be repaired. This was the perfect training ground for us, because it taught us that something can ALWAYS be done to fix an issue. You’ll NEVER hear us say “that stain wont come out”, because if it’s something that severe, it can always be patched/repaired. But 9 times out of 10 we can remove it. We later moved on to high end residential cleaning and downtown high/mid rise cleaning. The latter of which we noticed a large void in our industry, hardly anyone was able to service this sector, and the ones that did, weren’t doing work up to our standards. After witnessing this, we set out to find all the right systems and processes to give this sector the quality that we’ve always given our other clients. Now that we’ve got all the systems and procedures in place we have built our business around this market and we haven’t lost one client since….because we are absolutely the best, and we give our clients more value in our services than anyone around offers. Call us Today to find out the benefits of being part of our Commercial Cleaning Program… 615-727-4869

Our mission at Hitt Carpet & Tile is to provide our clients with the best carpet & tile cleaning in Nashville, along with the best customer service & value in Nasshvlle
We Promise to provide all our clients with the best carpet and tile cleaning in Nashville with the utmost professionalism and care for your home or building like it’s our own.
There’s no job too big or too small for Hitt Carpet & Tile Care. We do anything from 2 room residential jobs to 100,000 square feet jobs. Whether its carpet, tile, upholstery, or stone, we have the systems in place to tackle any job, day or night.

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Certified Carpet Cleaning 100
Certified Tile & Grout Cleaning 100
Certified Upholstery Cleaning 100
Certified Stone Refinishers 100
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