What sets us apart from the rest:

Hot Water Extraction (steam cleaning) is our primary method with residential carpet.  It’s what all the leading carpet manufacturers recommend, Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet maker, recommends only Hot Water Extraction.

We give you way more than that though. We start with a pre-vacuum to remove all dry particulate, followed by a kid-safe pre-spray solution that loosens all soils & stains. We let that dwell for 15mins to allow the solution to work, followed by agitation to further loosen embedded soils & stains. Then we’re ready to remove all the crud, our 200+ degree water sprays the carpet fibers while our powerful truckmount vacuum power removes it all. We leave the carpet chemical/soil/residue free so it’s soft, clean & safe for your family & pets to enjoy.

But we don’t stop there! We want things to be back to normal before we leave your home, so we use our high velocity carpet fans to quickly dry the carpet before we leave. Normally, most carpets are dry within 1hr after our departure and your home is left smelling/looking fresh & clean.

As an added bonus, for the month of December, we are applying protectant at no additional charge. That way if an accident happens, it should be easily removed with blotting with a damp white towel.

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